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Über uns - FotoPedro Pavao, born at September 17th in 1974 on the Azores found his new home in northern Germany, together with his live-in partner Kira Lusting and his son Antonio. He learned from many famous equestrians like Dolf Keller, Ernst Hoyos and Jonny Hilberath, on his way through Germany. His work with Johann Hinnemann at the Krüstenhof left a staggering impression on him. It was Hinnemanns professionalism and lovable, consequent way of training horses that Pedro took with him to his own stable. Following the slogan: The key to success is Losgelassenheit.
Pedro has countless victories and rankings up to the hardest class with self trained horses and is also owner of the Golden Riding Insignia. He is also successful as a riding coach. This is supported by several victories to class S, participation in the German championship, the title of national champion and other championships.