Training horse proves itself at mare tournament

Training horse “France Gall” passed the mare tournament in Elmlohe with premium grading and 1a price. The daughter of Franziskus received a 8.0 in the basic gaits and an 8.5 for rideability. The dressage mare by breeder and owner Dieter Erdmann is now enjoying a short break in the pasture.
If the special circumstances allow, we look forward to presenting this elegant mare at upcoming shows.

Back from the winter break

We are back from winter break. Our horses were trained gently in the winter months and are prepared for the upcoming season. With motivated horses and new partners we are eager for an exciting tournament season 2020.
Pedros students are also ready to go. Lia Teichmann was able to prove herself at her first starts of the season. At the riding tournament in Petersfehn she was able to claim the 2nd place with horse “Future Star” in the L dressage with curb and the 3rd place in the A dressage tournament on “Callegro”. A week later Lia and her horse “Future Star” were able to win the L dressage tournament with curb at the tournament in Dinklage.
We’re happy together with the rider and excited about the coming tournaments.

We don’t know bad weather

Our training and tournament horses are able to go outside almost all the time. Despite rain, fog or wind – spare time in the opens is good for everyone. To offer the horses enough movement and variety, they get to relax on the paddock even in the winter months. Of course the horses are dressed according to the weather. Because: there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!

Shearing sports horses

As we all know heavy sweating can disturb the horses body mineral balance. Therefore sports horses that sweat a lot during the winter season have to be sheared.
All of our training and tournament horses who work on a daily basis are sheared. Since short furs supports the heat dissipation during training sessions and speeds up the recovery. Because of that the horses don’t sweat that fast and can stay motivated in training.
After the shearing the horses are washed thoroughly with warm water and covered afterwards.
Our young horses and retirees won’t be sheared and are keeping their winter fur.

Students successfull even in the hall season

Today we’re celebrating with the just 13 years old Maxie Magdalena Lohmann, who was able to get a ranking in her first A dressage tournament on her mare “Queen Bee”. The pair was able to get the 4th place in the dressage rider tournament class A with a score of 7.2. And in the dressage tournament class A they were able to get the 3rd place with a final score of 7.3. We congratulate the rider and wish a continous success.

Pedros students getting ranked on further tournaments

Once again we can be happy about Lia Teichmanns performance. Lia was able to claim the 7th place in the riding tournament Bösel with “Future Star” in the dressage tournament class L with bit. Furthermore she claimed the 3rd place with “Future Star” at the riding tournament Brookmerland in the dressage tournament class L and she won the dressage tournament class L with bit with a score of 8.0.
At the same time we can celebrate with Chiara Meyer. She ranked on the 2nd place with “Donato” in the dressage tournament class L with curb and also the 2nd place in the dressage tournament class with bit at the riding tournament Brookmerland.
We congratulate the riders and cheering on them for the upcoming indoor season.

Riding student always there

And again we can be happy together with one of Pedros students! Evke Schröder was able to claim the 5th place with a score of 7.3 at the Hooksiel dressage tournament class L with the horse “Zalando”. And Lia Teichmann even won the dressage tournament class L with “Future Star” and a final score of 8.0.
We are happy together with the rider and especially happy about the high scores. Keep it up!