Tournaments, tournaments and more tournaments

The tournament fever has caught two of Pedro’s students again. Lia Teichmann was able to hold her own with her “Future Star” at the state tournament in Rastede. The pair got the 13th place in the dressage test class M and reached the 8th place in the final overall score.
But also Evke Schröder was on the road again with “Donna Deluxe”. The pair got the 2nd place in the dressage horse test class L.
We congratulate the riders very much!

(Deutsch) Ausbildungspferd in erster S-Dressur gleich platziert

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(Deutsch) Und weiter geht’s…

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Success goes on

We can be happy again with Emilia Akin and Lia Teichmann. Both young women could prove their skills last weekend. Emilia reached with “Sir Lanzelot” in the dressage class M the 3rd place. And Lia reached with “Future Star” in the dressage tournament class M the 2nd place with a score of 7.8. And in the dressage tournament class M** the pair was able to secure the 3rd place.
We congratulate the riders and are looking forward to the next good news.

(Deutsch) Qualifiziert für das Bundeschampionat

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(Deutsch) Turniererfolge gehen weiter

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Paddock and pasture time for the horses

Whether stallion, gelding or mare, with us every horse is allowed out into the fresh air. In order to offer the training and competition horses enough variety and to satisfy their needs, the horses come outside alone or as a pair.
With the current temperatures, we naturally make sure that the horses do not have to stand outside in the hot midday sun and that they have the opportunity to find a shady spot.

More students successful

Yesterday we already reported about two successful students of Pedro. Today we can rejoice with an additional one: Rubina Claasen. She reached with “Sam” the 4th place in the dressage test class M with 68.485 %. The pair achieved this result at the tournament in Filsum.
We congratulate the rider and hope to be able to report on her next successes soon.

Students are making the best of the weather

Today we can rejoice with Lia Teichmann and Evke Schröder. The two students of Pedro were able to present themselves successfully.
Lia Teichmann could secure the victory in 2 tests. The victories reached Lia with her horse “Future Star” in a M** dressage in each case. One test with a score of 8.0 and the other with a score of 7.7. In addition, the pair also placed 4th in another M** dressage test.
Evke Schröder was able to secure 5th place together with her mare “Donna Deluxe”, who is only 6 years old. The pair received a score of 7.4 in the elementary class dressage test for young horses at the show in Filsum.
We are very happy with the two young ladies and are curious to see how they will develop further.

(Photo left: “Future Star” from Lia Teichmann
Photo right: Evke Schröder with “Donna Deluxe”)